7 EGG-cellent Recipes For A Dreary Sunday Morning

They're almost as delicious as that pun

Poached Egg

God bless eggs.

The humble foodstuff is so light and versatile that it makes for the perfect breakfast ingredient. So we've compiled a selection of the best egg recipes that have ever popped up on our site to make on this fine weekend morn.

We suggest you whip these up, served with some tea and coffee, and proceed to spend this dull day in the cosiest setting you can find.

1. Sweet Potato Cakes with Poached Eggs

Full recipe here.

Poached Egg

2. Whopper Baked Irish Breakfast Tacos

Full recipe here.

Breakfast Taco

3. Crazy Delicious Chorizo Scrambled Eggs

Full recipe here.

Scrambled Eggs

4. Easy Peasy Mega Cheesy 10 Minute Italian Eggs

Full recipe here.

Cheesy Eggs

5. Avocado Eggs

Full recipe here.

Avocado Eggs

6. Kale & Feta Baked Eggs

Full recipe here.

Kale Feta

7. Steak & Eggs Florentine with Chilli Home Fries

Full recipe here.

Gary Steak Eggs 9 1

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