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31st Oct 2023

Rascals are hosting a free screening of the best Chandler Bing Friends episodes

Fiona Frawley

chandler bing best episodes Rascals

For anyone mourning the loss of the Chan man.

The news of Matthew Perry’s untimely passing aged just 54 has sent shockwaves through the millennial community, with fans all over the world collectively grieving their favourite Friend.

There’ve been memes, news tributes and sombre interviews with fans outside the Friends Experience in Dublin, as those who grew up with Perry’s dry wit and tension-relieving one liners on Friends in particular fondly recall their favourite Chandler moments and Channerisms.

If you’d like to commemorate Perry surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate him just as much as you do, you’re in luck – Inchicore brewers Rascals are hosting a free screening of the best Chandler Bing Friends episodes at their Dublin 8 HQ this Sunday.

Rascals are hosting a Chandler Bing best Friends episodes screening this Sunday. Via Instagram/rascalsbrewing.

Kicking off at 7pm, the screening will be a chance to celebrate Perry’s inimitable, decade-long contribution to situation comedy, and to watch him kick back on a barcalounger with Joey, binging Baywatch reruns or blurting out “I love you” while Monica booty pops with her head inside a six kilo turkey.

As always, Rascals’s delicious pizza menu and extensive selection of brewed in-house craft beers will be on hand to keep you fed and watered during your marathon, and you’ll feel a sense of togetherness you simply can’t replicate while watching old reruns at home alone.

The Best Chandler Bing episodes screening kicks off at 7pm on Sunday 5th November, with space available for walk-ins. Find out more over on the Rascals Instagram page.

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