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24th Apr 2023

5 places the REAL Housewives of New Jersey visited during their fiery Dublin trip

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Promising some fiery feuds and a closer look at the ladies’ fleeting trip to Dublin, the Real Housewives of New Jersey are back for another drama-filled season of the hit show. Complete with PYGtails. 

Looking for your next TV obsession? An easy-going comfort watch that’s sure to get you hooked?

Reality TV royalty, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, are back on our screens as the latest season is available to stream. And don’t panic if you’re not up to date, you can also binge every previous season, from the very beginning, on Hayu.

What’s even more exciting about this latest season of the hit U.S show, beyond the usual feistiness and prolonged feuding of course, is that the ladies ventured to Dublin on what was said to be a Hen Night, and anyone who has experienced a hen in Dublin can only imagine the debauchery that would have occurred.

Luckily your imagination won’t be necessary, as we’re bound to see the whole trip play out over the course of their 13th season. That the entire cast shouted “Up The Dubs” on Teresa Giudice’s Instagram story in the airport is honestly reason enough to tune into the new series. Nearly as iconic as Melissa Gorga wearing 50 shades of green to remain on theme for the weekend.

Available to stream weekly on Hayu from Wednesday 8 February, the new season picks up after a tumultuous year that tested loyalties and reignited feuds between the ladies, forcing the housewives of the Garden State to look closer at the marriages, friendships and relationships that have been pushed to the limit. With the new season promising to be filled with feuds and disagreements, essentially everything we love in our reality TV viewing, we are well and truly hyped to get the inside scoop on their trip to Ireland.

But what exactly did the ladies get up to during their stay in our fair city? A night out in Coppers, maybe? A quick tour on the Viking Splash (although we’re not sure how well all that designer merch would do on such an excursion)? Perhaps they followed in Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s footsteps and went for a dip in the Vico Baths with a (Chanel) bag of cans? We’ve conducted a very serious investigation into their time in Dublin, compiling a breakdown of all the spots they’re said to have visited during their trip to Ireland:

5. Luvida Restaurant

Okay, so not *technically* in Dublin, but it’s worth mentioning that the housewives ventured out of the city during their stay, reportedly booking in at the award-winning Luvida Restaurant in Navan on their final night in Ireland.

While the food at Luvida would certainly have been a pull on its own, we think it’s their expertise in cocktail-making and extensive wine selection that had the gals buzzing to be there.

4. Sheehan’s

During a night out on the town where the girls were reportedly seen strolling around hotspots like Temple Bar, South Anne Street and Dawson Street, it’s said the RHONJ cast nipped into Sheehan’s Bar, presumably for a pint or two. One Twitter user even claimed one of the show’s stars, Jackie Goldschneider, took part in some kind of pint-drinking challenge with a lad at the pub. Sounds about right… Not even the housewives can resist the call of pints when wandering the streets of Dublin.

3. Luttrellstown Castle

Rumoured to have been where the ladies stayed during their trip to the Emerald Isle, Gorga reportedly posted an exterior snap of the stunning Luttrellstown Castle in Castleknock during their visit. Only the most glam locations will do for the Housewives, and Luttrellstown is nothing if not glam.

It’s no wonder the ladies found themselves at the world-famous resort, known for its luxury; we wonder did they hire the entire castle just for their stay; sure who could blame them? The gals obviously have a thing for castles.

2. Little PYG

On day two of the Real Housewives trip to Dublin, the cast were seen at Little PYG in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, enjoying some lunch and drinks during their stay (we hope they availed of the 2-for-1 deal). Judging by some of the clips that circulated on socials, we wouldn’t be surprised if some tense conversations took place over their meal, but we’ll have to tune in to the new series to find out for sure.

Sure we’ve all been there after one too many PYGtails.

1. Café en Seine

The RHONJ are known for some pretty eventful group dinners and our very own Café en Seine may have played host to one of their most recent bust-ups.

Booking a table at the stylish Dawson Street restaurant and bar, it’s suspected the girls were out on the town to celebrate Teresa’s hen, as they were seen wearing white boas and Teresa herself was wearing a white dress. They were photographed outside Café en Seine at their table, no doubt enjoying the bar’s popular dinner and cocktail selection, and having their very own Real Girlfriends in Paris moment while in Ireland.

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