Breakfast of Champions? Probably Not.

Last week I did an article on the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks. People were gobsmacked by the amount of sugar in drinks they would frequently consume. I knew fizzy drinks weren't good for me but I was genuinely shocked too when weighing out each drink's sugar content. Many people asked for more of these type posts to learn a bit more about what they're putting into their body, so this week I decided to do cereal. It's a meal all of us eat (or at least should eat) every day. We're told all the time that eating breakfast helps with concentration, metabolism and can help to maintain a steady weight. However many of us chow down a bowl of cereal in the mornings without really thinking too much about what's actually in it. I decided to get my calculator and weighing scales out again and see how much sugar is in some of the most popular breakfast cereals in Ireland.


Emma's Easy Orange and Honey Chicken Skewers

This is the first recipe I ever cooked and despite it being the easiest thing ever to make, I felt like Darina Allen. This always goes down really well and if you have any sesame seeds they're delicious sprinkled on top before cooking. I usually grill mine but the oven was broken so I fried them this time around and they were equally delicious.

This takes minutes to put together, but if you can marinate the chicken overnight it will taste even better!


Joe Panama – Overhead, The Albatross

Overhead, The Albatross have been causing a stir amongst the Irish music scene for quite awhile now with a string of sold out gigs across an array of Dublin venues, packed out tents at festivals and fans eagerly awaiting their debut album which is due for release early next year.

This Friday they play a once off special gig with 2 other Dublin based bands causing quite a stir, Floor Staff who last week debuted a fantastic new video for The Guest by the incredible Bob Gallagher, and Val Normal who are a three piece rock band from Dublin. Joe Panama, the bassist with Overhead, The Albatross sat down for a few words with me:


All-Ireland Award Winning Baked Delights on Coppinger Row

I've been hearing a lot about the Cupcake Bloke the last few months. In fact when I did a post on my favourite scones in Dublin earlier this summer I was nearly taken out for not mentioning the Cupcake Bloke, he had just won the Goodall's award for best scones in Ireland- yes there is an award for that- which he sells alongside his cupcakes and other baked treats. I decided to check out his goods last week at his stall on Coppinger Row and see what all the fuss was about.

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