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Mark's Easy Argentinian Pork Empanadas

I have a confession to make. I have recently been having a bit of a fling with South American cuisine. My usual staples don’t know. At least I don’t think they know. Like, they know that I haven’t been as faithful lately but I think this is the first time I have stopped really loving them.

But who could resist the crumbly pasty. The searing chillies. The enigmatic scents. The warming spices. All of these exemplified in the simple envelope of exploration that is the empanada. The staple dish of busy Argentines. Using store bought shortcrust you can make these up on the double and have them to hand for any glutinous outdoor adventures.


As Dublin Property Market Shows Signs Of Bubble Banks Are Pitching Mortgages By SMS

There have been plenty of signs lately in Dublin that the property market is heating up including the people camping outside an estate in Swords to get their hands on a house and the overheating rental market with reports of bedsits going for over €1000 a month around the capital.

A lot of the problems stemmed from banks of course and with the market on the up again they have a new marketing technique... Pitching people for mortgages using a text message. Maybe it's their new digital approach as people try to stay out of branches as much as possible these days but we always pictured something as important as a mortgage would be discussed with a branch manager. Whats next? Developers getting approval for apartment complexes via Whatsapp? 


Delicious Old School Cakes That Will Give You Serious Nostalgia

It seems every cafe these days are all about American style cupcakes, macaroons, cronuts and so on but it's far from macaroons and cronuts that most of us were reared. Whatever happened to the creamy eclairs, custards slices, viennese whirls and chester cake of our youth? When I was younger this was the stuff that was always sold in our local bakeries and cake shops, but most of these cakes seem to have fallen out of fashion as we all become gripped with each passing food trend. If you also get food nostalgia then you need to check out this bakery which has you totally covered...


Lovin Dublin City Spotlight - Grafton Street

Every week we explore a different area of Dublin via a photographic series. We've been covering lots of different neighbourhoods in a bid to help encourage people to explore different parts of the city for both food and fun. However, despite everyone being well acquainted with Grafton Street, we couldn't not capture the buzz and energy it's known for.

We have some incredible street performers in Dublin that always keep tourists and locals alike entertained and in good form, the street itself is always bustling and the shops offer way too much temptation in the form of retails therapy. Scroll down for Derek Kennedy's shots of one of the most trodden streets in the city.


Dublin Under Attack From Giant Green Monster

If you were walking around town yesterday you may have had to do a double take up on George's Street with the sight of a massive green Octopus hanging out of the windows of Rustic Stone. We first thought that either Dublin was under attack or Dylan McGrath had finally lost the plot but it turns out to be an elaborate marketing stunt for the phone company 3. The unusual thing with "Sooshi the Octopus" is that there is no branding or anything telling you what it is so you would imagine he'll be revealed in a TV ad or outdoor campaign shortly. Either way you have to see the thing in person to appreciate just how cool it is. It's one of the most creative things we have spotted in the city for a while!


Monday Photo Competition - The Top 10 Things Spotted on #LovinDublin This Week

Every week the Lovin Dublin community share incredible photos on Instagram via the hashtag #lovindublin. There are a remarkable 7,000 photos there and it is a wonderful place to find great places to eat, restaurant reviews and new stuff happening in the city. It shows Dublin off in the best possible way.

Last week we introduced a competition to reward the photographer with the best picture and give them a prize that money just can't buy... A Lovin Dublin hoodie. Now because there are only 6 in existence (for all our staff) the act that you will be wearing one of these shows that you won the photography competition one week. It also means that when you walk into a restaurant, bar or cafe in Dublin you'll be treated like royalty!! Here are the results from week 1...


7 Days Without Sugar - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

After almost a month of publishing pieces on the hidden sugar in stuff like fizzy drinks, ice creamfast food and so on I started thinking about how hard it would be to forgo the white stuff altogether. I’m a cake-loving, health-freak contradiction. Despite being health conscious most of the time I shudder at the thought of forgoing sweet treats entirely, life’s too short to pass up a slice of gooey chocolate cake every now and then or a thick piece of salty dark chocolate. 

I decided to go cold turkey for the week as see how I would fare. I allowed myself a little fruit each day but no added sugar, no cake, no chocolate (even the dark stuff), no dried fruits, no sweeteners etc to see how I fared. Being a part-time health nut I was cocky that it would be a breeze… Oh no it wasn’t.


The Yin and Yang of Dublin Dining

We're delighted to introduce Paddy Cullivan as a new writer for us here on Lovin Dublin. One of the funniest men in Dublin and involved in pretty much every aspect of the entertainment industry, he's going to be writing for us every week on his experiences of living in Dublin. Starting with dining in Dublin without a reservation...

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