Capital Collective - What Was The Best Night Of Your Life?

Irish folk are story tellers at heart and tend to get into all kinds of situations. We always find ourselves amazed (and often in hysterics) at some of the stories we are told or overhear in Dublin city. We decided to collect the craziness every week by putting a question to the capital and seeing what they come back with. This week we decided to ask people "what was the best night of your life?", and let's just say we were impressed by some of the party animals in Dublin city...

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Festival of Curiosity - Ellen Byrne

This is only the second year of The Festival Curiosity, Dublin’s annual festival of science and culture, and after a sell out first festival in 2013 it looks like it will only continue to grow. The festival has a large number of family events at it’s core and aims to weed out peoples stigma attached to science and reignite the core idea of curiosity in those who may not think they’re interested in science. Curious?


Do We Have A New Record For Dublin's Most Expensive Pint?

Just when you think Dublin is getting back to being a great city with more affordable food and a real cafe culture emerging along comes a reminder of the bad old days. We recently shared the 7.40 pint in Oliver St John Gogartys and while we thought that was bad it would appear that the original "The Temple Bar" have decided to raise the bar even further. The round below is a shocker. We could probably just about live with the price of the pint if it was late at night and we'd already had six or seven but the price of the crisps? Unfortunately this is one of the first places tourists will stop while in the city and this is a horrible price for them to be paying. You can use the same old arguments about them having high rents, it being more of a nightclub late at night and it being a free world and all but this is pushing it. It makes us wonder how long before we see the first 10 Euro pint in Dublin? Shocking

The Rip Off

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Lovin Dublin City Spotlight - Rathmines

This week we’re casting our spotlight on Rathmines. While Rathmines was once a slightly gritty area with a main street dotted with dodgy chippers, it’s really had a revival over the last 5 years and there’s creative vibe breezing through the neighbourhood.

Exciting new businesses have been opening up in Rathmines left, right and centre. You can enjoy free art exhibitions in the old fire station, great food at every corner, enjoy a great night out at some buzzing pubs and stock up on delicious food for the week at the many different independent food stores.


Introducing Lovin Berlin - Our Newest City

When I started this blog I had no idea what it was going to become. It was a small site that posted restaurant reviews and forced me to eat in more new places and broaden my horizons. Since then things have just sort of snowballed to the point where we have an insanely good team, great products, upcoming events and some other exciting stuff in the pipeline. While Dublin is where our hearts are, the dream has always been to make something much bigger and to replicate what we have achieved in Dublin across other cities. Today we are very happy to announce the launch of our second city… Lovin Berlin.

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Mark's Mega Spicy Beef Kofta

Koftas are one of the most prevalent types of street food in the Middle East. Everywhere from Turkey to Iran has their own style and flavour but what I wanted to go with here was a very accessible version that is full of spice and can be made up in no time at all.

It’s actually kind of an insult to call this a recipe. It’s an assembly job. But the end result is something that you would swear was flown straight in from the streets of Tehran.

If you are going with beef use the best quality you can afford with the lowest fat content, this will help them stay together. Lamb or pork mince work equally well with this recipe.

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Lovin Dublin Presents Lovin Box 2.0

Back in March we introduced you to Lovin Box, our healthy lunchtime alternative for all you hard working Dubliners. We partnered with some of Dublin’s best restaurants like Pichet, Whitefriar Grill, 777 and Diep Le Shaker but to name a few. Customers simply ordered online on a Monday and picked up their Lovin Box from various pick-up locations around Dublin on a Wednesday. We increased from one consumer day per week to three with corporate delivery after only a few short weeks and even had to hire a full promo team to keep up with demand.