Michelin Star Chef Patrick Guilbaud To Design Brown Thomas Menu

We were pretty excited to hear that Patrick Guilbaud, the only chef in Ireland with two Michelin stars, is redesigning the menu for The Restaurant in Brown Thomas, Grafton Street.  

He was awarded two Michelin stars again last week for his incredible food and while we know he won't be dishing up the meals himself in the BT kitchens, it still gives us a chance to experience some of the Guilbaud flair but at a much more affordable price. The restaurant will reopen on Friday after a refurbishment, so we're curious to have a look at the new menu to see what kind of weird and wonderful dishes he has created for them!

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Food Coma Inducing Carvery On Stephen's Green

We love trying out exciting new cafés and restaurants in the city, there is so much choice with cuisines from almost every part of the world available. However, despite all the exciting food choices being dished up every single day, sometimes if you're absolutely ravenous or hungover a carvery starts calling. While not exotic whatsoever, sometimes when it's raining and cold outside and you're needing some old-school comfort, only crispy roast potatoes drowning in gravy will do.

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Lovin Dublin City Spotlight - Temple Bar

Temple Bar is the most iconic part of the city. The city's creative and cultural quarter is always a place that tourists flock to, to discover the music, art, food and atmosphere of Dublin. While many locals feel it has been ruined by tourism, once you leave the main square there are so many amazing bookstores, cafes, galleries, bars and markets to enjoy.


Lovin' the Ploughing

So I was at the Ploughing. I’ve gone every Thursday of the Ploughing for years because of a gig I do there and it has always been, in my urbane, world-weary eyes, a mixture of the creepy town in Deliverance, Galway Race Week, the Electric Picnic with chainsaws and the Winning Streak audience at play in their natural habitat. But to be fair, some of the choreographed displays of chainsaw skills on one stage were better than 80% of the bands I’ve seen at the Picnic (and much more fun). It was also held in Stradbally, right across from where the Picnic was held, but that’s where the similarity ends.


Mega Meat Feast Pork Pie

Pie. Pork pie. Say that a few times and see how you feel... This is man food, bloke food, dude food - this is the type of thing you eat before wrestling a bear... Naked... In a thunder storm... Whilst drinking petrol.

This is tricky though and you will be working with hot water pastry so if you have delicate digits keep on scrolling. But if you are man enough and you can master this, you will be consider a naked-assed, bear-wrestling, petrol-guzzling Man-God.

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