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Save A Small Fortune – How To Make Your Own Sashimi

I am on a bit of a health buzz at the moment and I went in to get some sashimi in town this week. It was delicious but as I sat there eating 4 pieces of raw fish for a tenner I thought to myself “Fuck me this is a serious rip off” and decided to come up with a better way of doing it. It has to be one of the biggest rips offs the world has ever seen in terms of serving up food because the prep really couldn’t be much simpler. So I legged it down to my local fish mongers and picked up some salmon and Tuna costing 26 Euros in total and was able to make enough for about 6 huge portions. I know you are probably shitting yourself at the thought of trying to make sashimi and that only Japanese chefs with 10 years training should be trying this but check out the technique. Super simple and super cheap. Cheap sashimi FTW!!!

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Five Fab Places for a Snog in Dublin…

Where’s the best place to steal a kiss in this city? Last orders at Coppers? Bang in the middle of the Ha’penny Bridge? The Iveagh Gardens? That laneway beside the George? Anywhere will do when it’s someone you’re into, we reckon, but a really memorable make-out demands somewhere more smooch-worthy - and Dublin has no shortage of those. Pucker up people, coz’ here are five fab spots to get you started…