Rory's Bus Station Kefta

If you ever had to hang around a bus station in Tunisia or Morocco then you will almost certainly come across this dish... In fact these are the only places I have seen it.

This is unashamedly a dish that if you snooze, you loose - you stick this on the table in front of some hungry mates and some good sour dough bread......forget about it!!


The Lovin Dublin Show - Episode 1

We like to create lots of unique content here on the site and do things a little differently which is why when we came to adding video content we tried to mix it up a little. Myself and Jamie are both big fans of tech and casual shows like Diggnation where people just shoot the breeze which is why we decided to launch the Lovin Dublin show. You won't be getting big budget production, hair and make up or scripted content but on the good side we can swear and you won't have to watch annoying pre-roll advertisements.


Salads For The Health Nuts - The Cracked Nut

Whether or not you're feeling like being healthy, with the heat we're experiencing I think everyone is craving salads and other things that are light and fresh. I decided to finally check out the Cracked Nut on Camden Street. It's only up the road from me and everyone has been raving about their salads. When we did the 'top 10 salads in Dublin' post, people were asking why it was left out. So I finally decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.