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Summer comes early to Dublin – 10 stunning images from the city

We normally only do one post a week with the best photos from Dubliner's but with the long weekend and the weather kicking into summer mode early we decided to share a few more. All our social media feeds have been lighting up with amazing snaps as people walk around eating endless ice cream and perhaps not quite able to believe their luck! The bank holiday is still only really getting started but here are some more stunning pics that Dubliners took in the last 24 hours.


India’s super healthy sweet potato cakes with poached eggs

Eggs are definitely the most staple thing in my diet, I never get sick of them as there’s just endless thins you can do with them. I love experimenting with creative ways to have them and this is one of my favourite things I’ve come up with so far, it’s the perfect weekend brunch or even dinner. The sweet potato cakes can also accompany loads of different dishes and are delicious just on their own with a good sauce.

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Why Me Must All Lobby For New Booze Rules In Ireland

You don't have to be a genius to realise that us Irish have a serious problem with the gargle. Take a walk down Camden Street at 2am from Thursday - Saturday or hang around the Off Licenses on Thomas street at 11am to see it at its worst. We binge drink. Our city is littered with drunks and I'm not talking about people sleeping rough but people from every corner of the city boozing to excess. The girls totally shitfaced falling across the street with no clothes on outside Wesley. 1500 people nearly crushing each other to death to get cheap Monday night pints. Our emergency wards straining every weekend from drink related injuries. I could keep going with a long list but perhaps the biggest indicator of the problem we have is the sight of people buying huge quantities of booze the day before Good Friday every year.

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A very Good Friday – Pictures capture Dublin at her finest today

Things really aren't meant to work out this way. Not only do we have an extremely long weekend but for those who have stayed in Dublin the sun is also splitting the skies as spring starts to feel decidedly like summer. Twitter and Instagram are exploding with incredible photos of our little city shared by you guys so we decided to share some of the best from this morning. To Jesus, the government, global warming or whoever might be responsible for this wonderful weekend thank you very much and long may it continue.