The Dublin Market Stall Selling The Craziest Fruit and Veg

I'm a farmer's market fanatic. I love nothing more than visiting farmer's markets, chatting to stall holders and learning more about their produce and then buying my body weight in veg, fruit, meat, sauces and treats. There is one farmer's market stall which I go to most often and always get the best haul from. It's a stall that absolutely anyone with even the slightest inclination towards cooking needs to know about.


Emma's Cheap, Quick and Easy Almond Milk

Almond milk has really risen in popularity for all it's health benefits and people seem to be drinking it more and more. While the cartoned stuff can sometimes be sweetened, or if not taste a bit bland, the freshly made stuff at our local juice bars can be a bit expensive to be drinking regularly. Making your own is really quick and easy and you get much more bang for your buck. Make it this weekend and enjoy it with your granolas, cereals or porridge. It's also great in smoothies. This is a fuss free way to make it without the usual cheesecloths etc.


TGIF! Win a BBQ Dinner & Cocktails for 10 people in The Gibson Hotel

We love a good competition here in Lovin Dublin HQ and we think this week the Gibson Hotel have set a whole new standard for prizes, whopper would be a good description for what's on offer. Since opening the Gibson has become a seriously cool venue, it's right beside the newly renamed 3Arena (or Triona as we've nicknamed it here in the office) and has slick views over the heart of the Docklands and Dublin Port. 


Craft Beer Weekly – How to integrate some Beer Culture into Culture Night

Tonight is Culture Night! One of the greatest events of the year in Dublin. There is an endless choice of things to do, see, listen to and learn. As you’re zipping across the city to take in as much as you can, you’ll no doubt find yourself thirsty and in need of a sit-down at some stage. So I thought what could be better than to combine taking a break during your Culture Night adventures with sampling some of the delicious new brews from the Irish Craft Beer Festival, or even dipping your toe in some German beer culture?

So here is a list of some pubs all over the city offering some exciting refreshment options for your perusal.

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