The 13 Types Of People You Will See Around Dublin For The Web Summit

Brace yourself...


It is that time of year again where 30,000 people descend on the city for one of the most important weeks of the year for Dublin.

With hotels fully booked and the bars set to be packed, we thought we'd give you a little insight into the sort of people who will be visiting the city over the coming days.

I've attended enough tech conferences over the years to know that the same sort of folk attend them all. Watch out for these people on the way to the RDS over the coming days. You won't be able to miss them...

1. The Peacock

You'll see these characters fanning around at the Night Summit moreso than daytime events. The Peacock thrives on social interaction and posing for pictures, hoping to both spot and be spotted.

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2. The Annoying Networker

Most people just roll from one talk to another and pop into parties as they hear about them through word of mouth while others take it to the next level. Colour coded sheets tell them about the talks they've mapped out, they have a full schedule of coffees booked in for the breaks and they are busy juggling 14 different networking apps.

3. The Job Hunter

There is no industry hiring quite like the tech sector right now and the place will be swimming with graduates. Hard earned cash will have been used to snag a ticket or they'll have blagged one for free. Most likely to be carrying a large bag of CVs and hanging around the hottest start ups.

after months of unsuccessful job hunting this is how i imagine every hr department that emails me-398855

4. The Sponge

Rare enough among the overall crowd but this is the person who has actually come to the conference with no other goal but to learn. Often seen in the front few rows studiously taking notes.

5. The Blogger

Has to produce about 100 pieces of content over the 3 days they are here to justify their existence and their trip to Dublin. Comes with great intentions of seeing stuff but never leaves the media area.


6. The Salesperson

Sent by their company to sign up new customers who are all going to be under the same roof for one day. Incredibly annoying for start ups who mistake them for investors only to later realise they are being sold to.

7. The American Uber Geek Speaker

Flown in from San Fran, these guys are social media and start up royalty. Can usually be spotted by their social awkwardness and short clipped sentences. Speak in an intense manner about changing the world and their style can only be described as a hipster/sloppy teenager hybrid.


8. The Party Guy

Is here to do nothing but hit up as many sponsored parties and pretend he is here networking but is actually on one major bender. Often seen sneaking into lunch after sleeping in.

9. The Swag Collector

Companies spend huge amounts of money trying to get your attention, and that often means they give away shitloads of free stuff. Some people make it their mission to grab as much as possible and can be seen leaving bags and bags of the stuff.

apa minneapolis 2009 swag

10. The Distracted Volunteer

Has signed up to work as a volunteer but despite their best efforts the organisers can't seem to get them to do any work. Usually seen saying "ask my colleague" while wandering away to linger around a speaker stage they want to see.

11. The Superfan / Social Media Stalker

Is here to make sure they get into a picture or talk to their all time favourite social media star. Can be seen in the front row waiting to accost the speaker as they come off the stage and also by @replying them for weeks in advance on Twitter.

12. The Irish Civil Servant

Probably sponsoring the conference in some form but is more happy to be out of the office for the day. That probably means being the only person in the place wearing a full suit and tie while manning a stand and eating endless croissants and drinking bad coffee.

13. The Multi-Millionaire

A little harder to find than most of the other attendees. The likes of Mike Krieger (co-founder of Instagram) will be speaking and attending parties.

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